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Trustworthy software by Mad Dog Digital   Mad Dog Digital is proud to be Canadian!
Welcome to Mad Dog Digital
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Your own custom jigsaw puzzle to give-away or re-sell!

iPad and  Android software available soon from MadDogDigital.comWhy not order your own custom, unique and very affordable Mad Dog Digital jigsaw puzzle! Use the jigsaw puzzle for personal or business promotion, Christmas mail out, Sales tools, Baby photos, Birthday and many other events or many other applications. You can even sell them for a profit! Each puzzle can have unique URL links and your own logo! The software can be burned to disk, put on USB key or available for download on your website.

This product is available as:
OEM, Custom or private puzzle application

Puzzle software on USB stick for MadDogPuzzles.comPlatforms available:
Windows, Mac & Mobile devices

Delivery of software
The final product can be delivered to you via email anywhere on the planet!

Cost of OEM or custom puzzle software:
 ● $550 for a personal or small business shareable puzzle (including small business promotions.)

 ● $2,500 for your own unique custom commercial grade jigsaw puzzle (OEM version)

Distribution formats for commercial users
As a single file (emailed to you) or pre-installed on CD,
Download free puzzles from MadDogPuzzles.comUSB key or other devices by 3rd party vendor.

Samples of puzzles created
Download free puzzles from Mad Dog Puzzles

Sample puzzle software graphics
View the sample images on

The Mad Dog Digital Puzzles
  Trustworthy software with a digital signed certificate
  No viruses, no malware, no spyware & no tracking!
  High quality jigsaw puzzles with multiple difficulty levels
  Free automated puzzle software updates
  Share with your friends, schools, clubs etc
  You don't have to be online to play
  No time limitations & last forever!
  Designed & developed in Canada by Mad Dog Digital
  Made with the robust Blowfish Puzzle Engine
  The best digital jigsaw puzzles on the planet!

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Sample of a wildlife puzzle interface created by
Sample of a puzzle interface created by
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