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Welcome to Mad Dog Digital
  Software Products You Can Trust!
Mad Dog Digital is proud to be Canadian!
Custom Software Solutions

Mad Dog Digital is a Canadian based software development company. We develops unique, professional high quality software packages for multi-media product, training applications, database & inventory management systems, utility programs, games for promotional or entertainment uses, interactive training & teaching systems and custom software development.

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Digital Puzzle Products

Puzzles form Mad Dog Puzzles is by far the most powerful advertising tool you can buy! Keep in mind that your puzzle will last forever with your advertisement on the puzzle will be there forever directing people to your website creating advertising 24 hours a day!

People will share your puzzle be e-mailing them across town or across the world! This is the best adverting one can spend! People like puzzles! With the power of the internet you're puzzle will be distributed many times.

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Welcome to Mad Dog Digital
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